We take pride in what we do, that’s why we only work with the highest quality of products.
We are so confident in our suppliers that we offer a minimum of 1-year consumer warranty
across our range of goods and services.

Mobile device repairs, network installations and desktop/laptop repairs come standard with a 12-month warranty whereas server and workstation build incur a 60-month written workman ship warranty.

Please take into consideration accidently damage caused by the customer is not covered under our warranty conditions. In addition, if the ITMS warranty certificate (found inside repaired devices) has been compromised or removed, the warranty will be voided as stated on the client legal wavier.


  Malfunctioning Parts
(repaired by us only)

  Associated Labor Costs


  Water Damaged

  Purposeful/Accidental Damage

  Jail Broken Device
Software Issues

  Exterior Damage (Crack, Bent,
Twisted or Dented)

  High Temperature Exposure


We understand our staff operate on the premises of your business and home
that’s why, I.T Media Solutions have full WFI comprehensive business
coverage for your piece of mind.